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Anna Mikaelian

Executive Director

David Malek

Director of Education

 Born in Paris, Sevana Tchakerian studied piano and singing while completing her Master's degrees in Musicology & Cultural Management. She moved to Armenia in 2015 to start Tsap-Tsapik, a preschool music education program for urban and rural kindergartens, while teaching music at Ayb Elementary school and writing the first preschool music teachers book in Armenian. Singer, accordionist and folk-music lover on the side, Sevana has co-founded the Collectif Medz Bazar in 2012, a multi-ethnic music band combining rearrangement of traditional music and original songs.
Sevana Tchakerian

Childhood Education

Khoren Miki Aelian

Guitar, Sound Engineering

Aramazt Kalayjian


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